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  Welcome to Murickens Group            - Real Estate in Kerala             


Murickans Group is one of Global ISO certified “Manufacturer & Dealer of electronic inverter ” and  lighting system. We have a strong roots in Research and Development  department for generating power from natural resources. our each and every products aimed for power saving, pollution free , low maintenance etc. we have different type of power converting units under the registered brand name Flyline and MG.

FLYLINE INVERTER:- Flyline electronic power system keeps constant power supply to avoid hindrance due to power failure in home, office and other business centers. Use Flyline Analog and sine wave electronic generators with the satisfaction of reliability, quality and service support. < more details >

SINE WAVE INVERTER:- Pure Sine wave Inverter or UPS is a modified version of online system with the aim of reducing investment cost and getting good result. It is an essential inverter for the working of highly sensitive equipments, which is commonly used in labs and hospitals for getting accurate out put or result.< more details >

FLYLINE SOLAR INVERTER:- We have developed and marketing solar products with the aim of national power saving. Solar Inverter works as an electronic devise to generate AC supply with the help of sunlight. Solar cells convert solar energy to DC supply and flyline inverter converts this DC current to AC current.  <more details >

FLYLINE VIDEO-COACH INVERTER:- Every day people are looking for modern facilities every where, Murickens developed automotive UPS for the smooth  running of DVD, sound system and fridge etc. < more details >

FLYLINE OFF LINE UPS:- Off-line UPS are usually considered less sophisticated than other UPS products. During normal operation the power will flow straight through the unit, and if the input voltage fails or fluctuates outside pre-set tolerances the UPS will then feed battery power  through  an inverter. < more details >

FLYLINE ON-LINE UPS:- Our vast experience in Power Electronics field has resulted in development features of rich products. Product design team at MG industry is equipped with the hardware knowledge, Component & Interface Knowledge, necessary tools for designing of product.  < more details >

FLYLINE TWO IN ONE UPS:- Murickens modern and advanced uninterrupted power supplies or UPS are a back up source of energy that provide emergency power to devices that are connected to it until the main utility source is restored or the equipment safely switched off.< more details >

FLYLINE SOLAR UPS:- Our group is reckoned as one of the well reputed Flyline Solar UPS system in Kerala. The products are manufactured with superior quality raw materials. We assure our customers our authenticity and reliability. Use solar uninterrupted power supply to save money. <more details >

SINE WAVE SOLAR UPS CUM INVERTER (3-In-1 System):-  We have developed fully automatic sine wave solar power generating system for the smooth working of our household and commercial electric and electronic equipments. We can work even sophisticated equipments which needed a continuous and constant output. It is the most suitable solar power generating unit for Kerala’s climatic conditions. <more details >

SINE WAVE SOLAR  INVERTER:- Murickens Group has introduced  modern solar products with the aim of national power saving. Solar Inverter  works as an electronic devise to generate AC current with the help of sunlight. Solar cells convert solar energy to DC current and Flyline inverter converts this DC current to AC.  Continuous supply of electricity is possible during day and night. It has all most all advanced features. <more details >


MG SOLAR WATER HEATER: Murickens Group is providing a complete solution for getting natural hot water with the help of sunlight by introducing MG Solar Water Heater. There are two types of Solar Water Heaters available in Kerala  < more details >

FLYLINE SOLAR GROUND LIGHT AND  DC SYSTEMS:- Murickens’ "Flyline Solar DC Power System” is using solar energy to 12/24V DC which can be used for streetlight, garden light, houseboats, shops, advertising posters, houses etc. The main advantage of the Solar DC Power System is that it is absolutely free from AC supply. <more details>

FLYLINE SOLAR LANTERN:- A new and unusual mini Solar Lantern, perfect for use as a table decoration, fishing at night, get together in gardens and to hang on a hook / carrying easily from one place to another. People prefer a solar lantern as an alternative during power cuts because of its simple mechanism and cost.  < more details >

SERVO STABILIZER:- We generally observe that, AC main supply is never 240 or 450 Volt, but varies from 120-300 volt and 240-500 Volt. It is a very common phenomenon in India especially in Kerala.  It is the only solution for correcting variable line voltage to a constant out put with the help of MG automatic Servo Stabilizer.  < more details >

FLYLINE STEP-UP TRANSFORMER:- Transformers were developed to supply voltages for two main categories; the first of which is when the local power is consistently high or low enough to correctly and safely run the equipment at its rated power load. < more details >

FLYLINE STABILIZER:- It is an automatic voltage stabilizing unit used for electronic equipments for the smooth function. < more details >

Murickens Fly line 110V Step down automatic stabilizer is an important stepdown stabilizer. Nowadays the use of imported electronic equipments having 110V power supply is increasing considerably. It is the only way to get constant 110V out put voltage from 240V alternating current. < more details >

MG DEEP FREEZER:- A device described as a refrigerator or freezer maintains temperature a few degrees above the freezing point of water. The refrigerator is relatively modern invention among kitchen appliances. MG freezer is the only branded one to keep meat, ice crème, milk and cool drinks in a single unit freezer with separate cabin. < more details >

MG MOBILE MORTUARY:- It is maintenance free with new technology fully automatic MG dead body freezer is used to preserve dead bodies at home. It has the main features like Stainless steel body, Stainless Steel stretcher, View from 4 angle, acrylic glass opening, digital temperature setting with light weight and compact in size. < more details >

FLYLINE TUBULAR BATTERIES:- Flyline batteries work with uninterrupted power supply for inverters and other stationary applications. We provide standard tubular, tubular heat sealed, tubular heat sealed EL batteries with different capacities . < more details >

MG AIR CONDITIONER:-  We offer you the Heating and Air conditioning Equipments at competitive price, free in home estimate.  Offering with great customer service and complete heating and air conditioning repairs for all the models of high efficiency equipments.  Murickens group are under the study of Solar Air conditioners which help the public from financial burden.  Expect in the near future Solar Air conditioner will reach in the light. < more details>

MG WATER COOLER:- With the help of MG water cooler, we get natural and pure cold drinking water by connecting simply and directly to your mains water line, eliminating the need for bottled water deliveries as it automatically dispenses fresh filtered water. < more details >

Since 1975 Group stepped into business. In the near future we started Real Business.  We have entered in this field keeping in mind about the Revolutionary changes  happened in future and serve the public by helping them.  www.murickens.com the first free listing and free viewing web portal for sell and buy  properties with an abundant of  property details in different districts places of Kerala and other state. In this property management site we  categories  house with land residential land,  commercial building with land, estate, kerala flat, resort and hotels, low cost land, immediate sale land especially in kerala, district like Kottayam district land, Cochin district land, Pathanamthitta, IdukkiAlapuzha, Kollam Trivandram Thrissur,   Palakkad, Kannur Malappuram Kozhikode Wyanadu Kasargode, out of Kerala State.

Our Head Office situated in Kaduthuruthy in Kottayam District. Our Branches are in Nattakom (Kottayam), Palarivattom (Ernakulam), Pandalam (Pathanamthitta) and real estate representative officials at Bombay and USA.

For Quick product Enquiry call- 09447366779 or 04829-282040

murickans@gmail.com   09447366779,  09446822522      < enquire now >